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R.J Low Challenge Cup

Previous Winners

Tokarahi - 4 times
Waimate - 4 times
Lower Waitaki - 3 times
Ashburton - 2 times
Grand Vue - 2 times
Mayfield - 2 times
Pleasant Point - 2 times
Ben Ohau
North Otago
Waitoa Park


  Date Challenge Result  
  Sept 2021 Fairlie vs Maungati   Challenge 1
  Aug 2021 Kurow vs Fairlie Won by Fairlie 4-2  
  July 2021 Kurow vs Grande Vue    
  June 2021 Kurow vs Ashburton  Won by Kurow 5-1  Challenge 3 
  May 2021 Kurow vs Tokarahi  Won by Kurow 5-1 Challenge 2
  April 2021 Kurow vs Temuka  Won by Kurow 4-2 Challenge 1 
  March 2021 Kurow vs Lower Waitaki Won by Kurow 4.5-1.5   
  September  Gleniti vs Waimate

 Won by Gleniti 4-2

Cup Engraved

   July Gleniti vs Pleasant Point  Won by Gleniti 4-2  Challenge 4
   June Gleniti vs Tinwald  Won by Gleniti 4-2  Challenge 3
   March Gleniti vs Methven Won by Gleniti 5-1 Challenge 2 
  February Gleniti vs Rakaia Won by Gleniti 4-2             Challenge 1
  September Mayfield vs Gleniti Won by Gleniti 3.5-2.5   
  August 2019 Mayfield vs North Otago Won by Mayfield 5-1   Challenge 1
  July 2019 Timaru vs Mayfield Won by Mayfield 4-2   
  June 2019 Geraldine vs Timaru Won by Timaru 5-1   
  May 2019 Geraldine vs Fairlie Won by Geraldine 3.5-2.5  Challenge 1 
  April 2019 Ashburton vs Geraldine Won by Geraldine 4-2   
  March 2019 Tokorahi vs Temuka Won by Tokorahi 4.5-1.5 Cup Engraved 
  October 2018 Tokorahi vs Kurow Won by Tokorahi 5-1  Challenge 4 
  September 2018 Tokorahi vs Lower Waitaki Won by Tokorahi 4.5-1.5  Challenge 3 
  August 2018 Tokorahi vs Waimate Won by Tokorahi 5-1  Challenge 2 
  July 2018 Tokorahi vs Pleasant Point Won by Tokorahi 5.5-.5  Challenge 1
  May 2018 Rakaia vs Tokorahi Won by Tokorahi 3.5-2.5   
  April 2018 Rakaia vs Gleniti Won by Rakaia 4-2  Challenge 2 
  March 2018 Rakaia vs Mayfield  Won by Rakaia 5-1 Challenge 1
  December 2017  Rakaia vs Timaru Won by Rakaia 4-2   
  October 2017 Fairlie vs Geraldine Won by Fairlie 3.5-2.5 Cup Engraved
  August 2017 Fairlie vs St Andrews Won by Fairlie 5-1 Challenge 4 
  July 2017 Fairlie vs Ashburton Won by Fairlie 3.5-2.5  Challenge 3 
  June 2017 Fairlie vs Temuka Won by Fairlie 5-1  Challenge 2 
  May 2017 Fairlie vs Lower Waitaki Won by Fairlie 4-2 Challenge 1
  April 2017 Waimate vs Fairlie Won by Fairlie 4-2   
  March 2017 Pleasant Point vs Tinwald Won by Pleasant Point 3.5-2.5 Cup Engraved
  October 2016 Pleasant Point vs Methven Won by Pleasant Point 5.5-.5  Challenge 4 
  September 2016 Pleasant Point vs Highfield Won by Pleasant Point 5-1  Challenge 3 
  August 2016 Pleasant Point vs Tokorahi Won by Pleasant Point 5-1  Challenge 2 
  July 2016 Pleasant Point vs Gleniti Won by Pleasant Point 4-2 Challenge 1
  June 2016 Pleasant Point vs North Otago Won by Pleasant Point 4-2   
  May 2016 Mayfield vs Rakaia Won by Mayfield 4.5-1.5 Cup Engraved 
  April 2016 Mayfield vs Timaru Won by Mayfield 4-2 Challenge 4
  March 2016 Mayfield vs Geraldine Won by Mayfield by default Challenge 3
  November 2015 Mayfield vs St Andrews Won by Mayfield 5.5-0.5  Challenge 2
  September 2015 Mayfield vs Ashburton Won by  Mayfield 4-2 Challenge 1
  August 2015 Mayfield vs Temuka   Won by Mayfield 4.5-1.5  
  August 2015 Tokarahi vs Lower Waitaki  Won by Tokarahi 4.5-1.5  Cup Engraved 
  July 2015 Tokarahi vs Fairlie  Won by Tokarahi 4-2 Challenge 4 
  June 2015  Tokarahi vs Waimate  Won by Tokarahi 4-2  Challenge 3 
  April 2015  Tokarahi vs Tinwald  Won by Tokarahi 6-0  Challenge 2 
  March 2015   Tokarahi vs Methven   Won by Tokarahi 4.5-1.5 Challenge 1 
  October 2014 Glenti vs Tokarahi Won by Tokarahi 3.5-2.5  

 Conditions of Play


1    The Club holding the cup shall accept the challenges in order within the season of the host club. One challenge per month March to October. There shall be eight challenges per year


2    The teams shall consist of up to 6 players handicaps to 54.0 playing match play, and in the event of a tie, a winner is to be decided on holes up.  In the event of a tie after holes up the HOLDER shall retain the cup.


3    Any player who is a member of more than one Club shall play for only one club in any one year


4    If the Club withstands five challenges, the next two Clubs on the list are to play one another on an agreed course, with the winner becoming the holder.


5    The undefeated Club is to have the Cup engraved.


6    The committee of the Association reserves the right to alter these conditions at any time and its decision and all points and disputes shall be final


7    Email results to 


8.    Please use the result sheet provided and make sure folder is passed on to next club


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