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St Andrews Shield

Challenges Played

The first challenge was between St Andrews and Pleasant Point on the 16 April 2005 with St Andrews winning. 

October 2018 Mayfield Draw 3-3, retained by Rakaia 
July 2018 Ashburton Won by Rakaia 4-2
June 2018 Ben Ohau Won by Rakaia 4-2
August 2017 Waimate Won by Rakaia 5-1 
April 2017 Waimate Won by Rakaia by default 
March 2017 Ben Ohau Won by Rakaia 4-2
February 2017 Waimate Won by Rakaia 6-0
November 2016   No Challenge
October 2016 Timaru Won by Rakaia 4.5-1.5
September 2016 Waimate Won by Rakaia 4.5-1.5 
July 2016 St Andrews Won by Rakaia 6-0 
June 2016 Gleniti Won by Rakaia 4-2 
May 2016 Waimate Won by Rakaia by default
April 2016 Pleasant Point Draw 3-3, retained by Rakaia 
March 2016 Ben Ohau Won by Rakaia 4-2
February 2016 Temuka Won by Rakaia 4-2
October 2015 Ashburton Won by Rakaia 4.5-1.5 
October 2015 St Andrews Won by Rakaia 3.5-2.5 
August 2015 Rakaia Draw 3-3, retained by Rakaia
July 2015 Rakaia Won by Rakaia 3.5-2.5
June 2015 Gleniti Won by Rakaia 4-2 games
May 2015 St Andrews Wony by Gleniti 4.5-1.5 
April 2015 Tinwald Won by Gleniti by default
March 2015 Waimate Won by Gleniti 4-2 
November 2014 Maungati Won by Gleniti 4-2 
October 2014 Rakaia Won by Gleniti 4-2 
September 2014 Pleasant Point Won by Gleniti 4-2 
August 2014 St Andrews Won by Gleniti 5-1 
July 2014 Ben Ohau Won by Gleniti 4.5-1.5 
June 2014 Temuka Won by Gleniti by default
May 2014 Ashburton Won by Gleniti 6-0
April 2014 Tinwald  Won by Gleniti 4-2
March 2014 Gleniti Won by Gleniti 3.5-2.5 
November 2013 Waimate Won by Waimate 3.5-2.5 
October 2013 Pleasant Point Draw 3-3, retained by St Andrews 
September 2013 St Andrews Won by St Andrews 4-2 
August 2013 Highfield Won by Ben Ohau 5.5-0.5 
July 2013 Maungati Won by Ben Ohau 5-1 


Future Challengers
 October 2019   Tinwald

Future challenge requests should be emailed to   

The event is open to any club affiliated to the Aorangi Golf Association.



  1. The St Andrews Shield shall be competed for between golf clubs affiliated to the Aorangi Association.

  2. The Association shall have full and complete control of the competition and its rulings and decisions shall be conclusive and binding. "The Association" means the Aorangi Association and/or its Board and its permanent Sub Committee for this time being. Aorangi Golf is empowered to alter, add to, rescind or otherwise amend these rules and conditions from time to time.

  3. Challenges, in writing to be made directly to Aorangi Golf and referred to the Match Committee.

  4. The Challenger and the holder to set a mutually agreed date for the challenge.

  5. If a match is rained out then the match should be played as soon as possible in the same month.  If this can't practically be arranged then the Challenge shall be played in the next month. The holder must then reply to the challenger with their team 7 days prior to the challenge.

  6. If for any reason a player has to be substituted the opposing team must be informed no later than 2 days prior to the challenge . Failure to do so will result in these matches being defaulted.

  7. When the challenger wins the shield, then that club (as the holder) shall take over all challenges in the order that Aorangi Golf has receive them.

  8. The holder shall play one challenge a month, except in the months of December and January.

  9. Any failure by the holder or the challenger to meet the other, or for either to comply with the Rules and Conditions, shall be referred immediately to Aorangi Golf, each party giving written versions of the circumstances.

Challenge matches shall be played as follows:

  1. Between teams representing the Challenger and the Holder, each team consisting of 6 amateur full financial members of the clubs concerned.  Matches will be played in three groups of four.

  2. Each member of each team shall meet his opponent in match play on current handicap. Play shall be over 18 holes only, each individual match being determined as a win, loss or draw.

  3. The Holder shall retain the Shield unless the Challenger's team has more individual wins than losses against the Holder.

  4. In every match the Rules of the Royal and Ancient Rules Ltd shall be played and observed.

  5. Challengers must declare team with handicaps to the holder 10 days prior to challenge date.

  6. Challengers cannot swap players once they have been submitted except in exceptional circumstances e.g. family death, broken bones.

  7. Players comprising each team shall be "seeded" with the lowest handicapped player as No 1 and the highest as No 6. In the event of identical handicaps, the team captain shall decide the playing order. The maximum handicap index is not to be over 36.3 per player.

  8. All disputes and questions shall be referred (in writing) to Aorangi Golf for determination.

  9. Any club winning a St Andrews Shield Challenge match shall have its name engraved on the shield once for each successful challenge.

  10. St Andrews Golf Club will be the first holder of the Shield.

  11. No green fees shall be payable for the team members but supporters are liable for green fees.  It is suggested that this should be at a discounted rate.


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