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Aorangi Golf AGM Notice

Posted by: on 8 November 2018


The 11th Annual General meeting of Aorangi Golf Inc will be held on Wednesday November 21, 2018,
 7pm at Geraldine Golf Club. Agenda is shown below.
1. Apologies
2. Minutes of 10th AGM
3. Matters Arising:
4. Board Report
5. Financial Statement
6. Election of Directors
This year Ginny Bolderston, Blair Franklin, Helen Lowe and Sandra Quinn are up for re-election, as
all the other directors are halfway through a 2 year term.
7. Appointment of Solicitor
8. Budget for 2019
9. To approve the Annual Levy as recommended by the Board
10. General Business
In terms of Clause 14.10 of the Aorangi Constitution as shown below, delegates names are required
to be received by Sunday November 18, 2018 to
14.10 Delegates
(a) Members may only be represented at General Meetings by their nominated delegates
(b) Member Clubs representing both male and female members will be entitled to nominate two (2) of its
members as delegates (being one (1) of each gender) and Member Clubs representing female members only,
will be entitled to nominate one (1) of its members to be their delegate, with each delegate entitled to one
(c) All delegates are entitled to speak at General meetings
(d) All delegates must be financial members of the Member Club they represent.
(e) Each Member shall advise the Administrator of their delegate(s) and one alternative, three (3) clear days
prior to the date set down for each General Meeting.
Although only delegates have voting rights, please remind your members that everyone is welcome
to attend. This year after the AGM is completed, we intend to have drinks and nibbles and invite
everyone to remain for some social time.

Bernard Walsh
Chairperson Aorangi Golf

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