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Men's Toro Interprovincial - Final Report

Posted by: on 6 December 2018

Men’s Toro Interprovincial, Clearwater Golf Course - November 2018

Daniel Perham (Captain)
Cameron Grant
Jordan Green
Nigel Heney
Regan Stills
Damian Rodgers
Blair Franklin (Manager)

Departing Base Camp:

We started the tournament with a positive outlook having the 2017 wooden spooners Man/Wang
first up. By the end of day one Man/Wang was at the top of the table and clearly not the same team
from 12 months prior.
If you were to look at the final team scores in isolation, the results look less than satisfactory, yet if
you walked the course and watched the hole by hole scoreboards, you get the true picture of how
competitive and close this outstanding Aorangi team was to achieving the team goal of scaling

If breaking down the week to days, then the round to holes you can quickly see that this team is
closer to success than the perception the overall results portray. There is no better example than our
3.5 – 1.5 loss to semi finalists Canterbury on Thursday afternoon. For 15 holes in four games we
were up, and all four games went to the last hole. At this elite level it really does come down to the
1%’s and sometimes moments that are out of our control.

The team was extremely fortunate to be led by Daniel Perham. Dan is a leader in every sense of the
word and has immense experience at this level. The pride and passion Dan has for Aorangi Golf is
second to none and it comes through in everything he does, from his preparation months in advance
of the tournament to the course management and planning of every round. Dan had some brilliant
results during the week while playing some outstanding opposition. The respect Dan commands via
his actions rather than words is massive.

Playing in the No 1 position comes with many challenges (as per below), so fortunately for Aorangi
we had the very impressive and talented Cameron Grant take on this position. There are many
superlatives to use when describing Cameron’s abilities on the golf course and his ability to not just
compete with the players listed below, but to challenge them for the result each and every round.
Having the pleasure of watching Cameron play against NZ Golf's current young guns was something I
will not forget in a hurry. A very mature person and articulate planner who is yet to realise how good
he really is, watch this space! Below are just a few of Cam’s opponents for the week.

 Wellington (Daniel Hillier, NZ No 1, World No 22 and current USA Amateur stroke play
 Waikato (Charlie Smail, recently crowned NZ Amateur Champion)
 Canterbury (Matt McLean, current NZ representative)

One of the many great attributes of a successful team, business or organisation is its ability to
utilise every attribute of all team members. This team is no different and has many skills that were
key components of our success.

There is no better example of this than Nigel Heney. Nigel's experience in business and how to
operate in a honest, open and successful environment allowed and assisted this team to raise the bar
in many areas.
Not only was Nigel a huge asset off the course, his performances on it were outstanding. When you
combine his great length off the tee with his impeccable work on the greens he has a game that is
the envy of many a player and one that suited the Clearwater golf course extremely well. Another
player who has the ability to achieve so much.

Then comes the gentle giant! At 7 foot tall Regan Stills at first sight is extremely intimidating. Never
judge a book by its cover. Regan had an outstanding week and only ever had one focus “The Team”.
Off the course Regan’s love of bread is second to none, and on the course it is replaced with the
same focus and passion for the team. At the sprightly age of 47 Regan came up against many players
who were still in their teens. This was never a barrier for Regan and his performances day in day out
lay claim to that. A man with a massive heart and a never say die attitude. Regan played some
amazing golf during the week which was a massive effort following on from a very successful
Freyberg Masters two weeks prior.

When it comes to natural talent Jordan Green has it in bucket loads. Jordan played in the No 2
position and like Cameron, had to take on current and past NZ representatives. While Jordan may
not have achieved the success he deserved during the week, it wasn’t through a lack of ability or effort.
Jordan has the opportunity to achieve many things in the game of golf, and I look forward to
watching the next 12 months with eager anticipation.

At the start of the week Damian Rodgers was announced as the reserve. For those players who know
the ability of Damian, the selection as reserve indicated how good this team was. Damian's maturity
and genuine class off the course was simply brilliant, and something he should be extremely proud
of as a person. When Damian got his opportunity to play on Tuesday it was against the top ranked
Wellington team, so a fabulous welcome for Damo! Watching Damian lead the team off and bring in
our sole victory v Wellington was one of the greatest highlights for me as manager. If you get an
opportunity, take it!
All in all this team was nothing but a privilege to be involved with, on and off the course. We had
many moments of laughter and fun, yet while on the course there was never a team more
passionate or focused on performing to the best of their abilities.
So much more could be written about this wonderful team, be proud Aorangi, this team did every
golfer, club and sponsor very proud.

Blair Franklin (Manager)

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